The Inspiring project was born in Oslo, Norway in 2018 with financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

It is an innovative way of working with young people in many areas by building on the positive role models in our societies.

With a camera as a tool, the interview becomes a pretext for meeting and exchanging ideas between young people who are often in need of guidance and inspiring people who put all their energy into serving others and the society in which they live.

Encouraged by the example of inspiring people and the values they convey, young people see new directions and a new meaning to their lives.

« Inspiring » is the story of 6 young men and women from Gamle Oslo in a vulnerable age and stage of their lives, meeting 6 inspiring Human Beings that have dedicated their lives to the well-being of the community.

Openness, dialogue and expand understanding and attitudes are the core values this pioneer project is built on.

Beyond learning technical skills in filmmaking, the 6 young men and women from foreign origins encounter the norwegian soul.

« Inspiring » is a project led by Cinéastes sans Frontières, in partnership with Oslo Commune, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco.


This Norwegian experience is now being repeated in Morocco with hundreds of young Moroccans. This work resulted in the creation of the Inspiring network which brings together dozens of public and private organizations for young people.



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